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The Akurians
The Akurians have the Messiah AND The Testimony of The Most High, Himself.
Nobody else has either.  The Most High, Himself, says so!
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The Akurians.
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The Akurians
All Rights Reserved.

1st       Seraphim - the Highest Order, Personages of The Holy Presence, Six-Winged in description.
2nd       Cherubim - all of Seraphium Rank (One Degree below Seraphim), Messengers, Special Agents.
3rd       Archangels - the next subordinate Order, the technical specialists of Creation, Elements, Winds.
4th       Angels - the next subordinate Order, Officers and Entities of all Ranks of the Line.
5th       Powers - a parallel Order, Energy and Force controllers and appliers.
6th       Authorities - a parallel Order, the Administrators, Intelligence and Record Keepers.
7th       Thrones - a parallel Order, Communicators, Verifiers.
8th       Dominions - a parallel Order, Logistics and Delivery.
9th       Principalities - a parallel Order, the Highest Level of Spiritual Watchers, Guides.
10th     Virtues - a parallel Order, who maintain all the various processes of Creation.

      ""Only a fool is offended at knowing the Truth about themselves!  Only a fool burns in Hell for perpetuating the sins of their fathers!  And only a fool perpetuates any lie as a Righteous Truth!""  The Most High, Paragraph 0761, "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!"

      That there is a Divine Chain of Command that does NOT include you, the preacher, or Jesus who may or may not be 'god' too depending on the idiot in question (He isn't, and He clearly said so!) may come as a bit of an eye-opener to all sincere seekers of TRUTH.  But it is a fact nevertheless.  Such a priest/preacher 'chain of command' is as idiotic as it is ignorant.  And, you'll note 'the priest/preacher' is always above YOU the intended 'recipient' of all those 'spiritual blessings', 'salvations', et ceteras.
      One TRUTH is that none of the 'religions' or self-appointed priests, preachers and other liars have even the slightest clue as to the Command Structure of those who serve in The Holy Presence of The Most High!  Period.  NONE!  Despite their much-bellowing, grinning and mealy-mouthing about 'spirit', they really don't know a damned thing about it, nor can they deliver anything of it.  As in ZERO!
      Here are the facts.  If you don't think so, then access a copy of "The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!" and follow the instructions of The Great Testimony and find out for yourself.

      To know anything about the Orders of Angels it is a good idea to forget what you think would be common sense from your point of view.  Except for the first FOUR, the Orders are NOT under one another as their listing suggest, but are rather equals of one another with different assignments and duties.  There are assigned Seraphim, Cherubim, Archangels and Angels to each of the Orders - all by earned qualification and right - just as our military often assigns personnel from any given service, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard to any other as the mission/objective requires.  Even so, a Marine General on an Army Post is still a General Officer!  And that remains true regardless of rank, station or assignment.  So it is with the Hosts of All the Heavens.  And, only The Most High is authorized to issue either Direct Orders or invocations upon any and all of these entities and their respective Commands.  Never attempt to invoke or bind any of these Entities to do anything - even to tell you something - unless you have Direct Orders originating from The Most High and down a Direct Chain of Command of which the 'priest/preacher' is not one!  Not the Pope, not the Jews, not even the Levites.

      The many Hosts (Armies) of Heaven are established in massive numbers because The Most High Lord God of All Creation has more to contend with than this insignificant speck of Kak Jew-controlled and socialist-doomed dirt.  His earned-right administrators and appliers are involved with the most distant galaxies, their solar systems, their planets, moons, asteroids, black holes, quasars, dark matter, cosmic dust, et cetera - with all the various life forms - who cannot continue either without all the "natural" processes being maintained.  The miracle is that it can be done with so few!

      First, understand that EACH level of Rank and EACH degree of knowledge from first hand experience that results in Offices of Rank even if in support mode is accompanied with a FIVE HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN (516) numerical factor in both the number of Offices and the level of Offices!  Let's clear that up a bit.  In earthly terms, we would have a Chief, who is our numerical number one (1).  Under that Chief we have the first level of subordinate command structure.  In current military terms that would be ONE (1) Executive Officer or Second-in-Command.  Among the Orders of Angels there would be 516 Executive Officers EACH with 516 immediate subordinates, EACH of whom in turn would have 516 immediate subordinates and so on down 516 levels from the FIRST level under the Chief.  That would make 517 levels if you included the Chief.  Do the math on that one when you have a year to spare.  Remember this is QUANTUM math, not squares

      Second, understand that EACH level of Command Offices follow that 516 Rule from top to bottom in most, but not all instances.  And it gets better.  The numbers aren't as simple as 516 multiplied by 516 except in determining the starting numbers of any given level.  It's a matter of powers of numbers by more powers of numbers.  EACH of the Officers in that second level under the Chief and down all 516 levels are all the same Rank except for ONE (1) degree of knowledge as each level progresses.  If the Chief were a solitary full-bird Colonel and his 516 immediate subordinates were Lieutenant Colonels, EVERY officer in that structure all the way down - and all the way wide - those 516 levels would also be Lieutenant Colonels, each lacking only one Degree of Knowledge below the full Colonel!  In case that just went over your head, EACH of these Officers from the most senior assignment to the most junior assignment would all be Lieutenant Colonels with varying Degrees of Knowledge each level separated by only ONE (1) Degree (point) of absolute firsthand experience.  Then would come the next subordinate grade of Major, EACH with the same 516 levels of subordinates, EACH with their respective 516 levels of staff  both deep and wide.  The Most High is not short of personnel, nor fully qualified personnel, as each and every one is fully conversant and cognizant of all the other's duties and performance requirements.

      Third, understand that EACH level of Command under such a Chief would include all the other administration and support Offices as well and you guessed it 516 Offices wide - each of whom would have 516 offices wide and 516 levels per grade deep to the limit of the command structure!  For example, the Chief would not only have an Administrative Officer, Transportation Officer, Food Service Officer, Medical Officer, Communications Officer, et cetera - there are 516 such Offices!  For those who are still behind these massive numbers, the numerical size of these Commands is HUGE!  And THAT is an understatement.  Currently, it would be impossible for the combined resources of EVERY computer on the planet to calculate the Total Muster of just ONE (1) Office down through the 516 levels of Service, the TEN (10) most notable of which are the Orders of Seraphim, Cherubim, Archangels, Angels, Powers, Authorities, Thrones, Dominions, Principalities and Virtues and in that order.  And these are just the Officers!

      Fourth, understand that EACH Officer has a Staff!  Yep, 516 wide and equally as deep of just Officers.  Then begin the 'enlisted' Ranks (for want of a better term) again with that magic number of 516 wide and deep.  Grade upon Grade, Rank upon Rank, Station upon Station, Assignment upon Assignment, Duty upon Duty, each with a level of responsibility requiring an appropriate level of first-hand experience and knowledge.

      Fifth, understand that The Most High is NOT limited to the 516 wide and deep Command Structure, and at present has only The Seven Seraphim Seraphim Amatraelonael (AM-AT-RA-EL-ONA-EL, Metatron); Seraphim Seraphiel (SER-AF-E-EL); Seraphim Jehoel (YE-HO-EL); Seraphim Kemuel (KEM-U-EL); Seraphim Nethanael (NE-THAN-A-EL); Seraphim Ophaniel (OFF-AN-E-EL) and Seraphim Zophiel (ZOF-E-EL) each of whom do serve with the 516 wide and deep structure.  Cherubim are virtually uncountable, choose their own Staff - as many wide and as many deep as they deem appropriate to deliver anywhere in all Creation - regardless of who or what might be foolish enough to get in the way.  They are the Direct Messengers and Special Agents who accomplish whatever The Most High will send them to do, from delivering a word of comfort to the immediate and total destruction of whole galaxies, which they do with seeming impunity, or supporting any other such directed endeavor.

      Sixth, understand that only The Horsemen and their respective Commands are exempt from this 516 wide and deep structure!  They are exempt because they are Elite Units, small in size and super-trained Strike Commands.  The Four Horsemen and their respective Units make up ONE (1) Elite Command.  So EACH Horseman Unit is an Elite Unit within an Elite Unit.  Each Horseman Command is composed of TWELVE THOUSAND (12,000) Direct Staff Command Units (about the organizational equivalent of an Army Group) of TWELVE THOUSAND (12,000) entities each.  That's about the equivalent of 12,000 Four Star Generals reporting directly to the Commander at the same time.  And you guessed it right, again, TWELVE THOUSAND (12,000) levels of direct Command.  Fortunately, each Horseman Command has only FOUR (4) Seconds-in-Command beginning with each other and the Senior Second (XO) of their respective Commands.  Again, fortunately for the mathematicians, none are bound by the 516 Rule.  To help those who will attempt the muster, El Aku's personal Escort consists of 144,000,000 Officers and Troops.  By comparison to the President of the United States' Honor Guard of 21 out of an overall military of some 5,000,000, El Aku's Escort is far smaller - and far more Elite.  By Heavenly Host standards a Horseman Command is a small organization.

      Seventh, the Orders of Angels are not without power or authority.  And they have but one objective:  to infinitely obey The Most High in any and all things.  Currently there is war in all the Heavens (thanks to Lord Lucifer and his infernal minions), as there are wars scattered all over the earth (thanks to Lord Lucifer and his Kak Jew minions) and The Most High's Prime Objective is absolute Victory in All Creation.  The why the delay?  Why not just clean house once and for all?  Because The Most High created all living souls with an insatiable desire for Knowledge; and unless all these scenarios, from spooks in a graveyard to socialism with all its damnations to spiritually and morally bereft 'religions' are permitted to expend their energies to their own destruction, there would always be the question, "what if?"  In the ages beyond Restoration, there will be the finished records for all to know and learn from, that they not make the same stupid blunders again.  All socialism will be conspicuous by its absence in common endeavor and all socialists and their damnations will be burning in hell where they ought to be for all other to go see and review - eliminating all "what if?"

      All Great Beings can be virtually any shape, from the most beautiful to the most horrendous.  Normally Righteous Angels will appear in a form similar to the viewer, and in the case of humans, pretty much in human form, with or without eagle-like wings.  Otherwise they appear in such shape or configuration as required for the job/duty at the time.
      Demons (Fallen Beings) are not so accommodating, and make every effort to deceive or frighten the viewer into obedience.  Demons have no rank or station in the Divine Hierarchy, and are not part of any Order of Angels, having defiled themselves in that respect.  They have their own Chain of Command and, like the Righteous Beings, are not to be tampered with.  The 'name' of "JESUS" is totally worthless against all, Righteous and Demonic, and all 'exorcisms' are staged Demonic affairs to fool the spiritually gullible.  Lucifer (Satan) will go to any extremes to deceive, but he and all his minions are easy to discern when you know how.
      Radiance can be anywhere from none to blinding, in any color, and the white and metallic shades should not be confused with the silvery reflective clothing of the Nefilim that can also shine when the wearer wants it to.  Often the Bible accounts meetings with High Entities, some were Angels, some were Demons, but most were Nefilim (Watchers) who were the actual originators of man as servants.  It was the Nefilim that took the daughters of men and caused The Most High to create the Great Deluge to rid the planet - and Creation - of the half-breeds and the Nefilim and human participants.  Following the Deluge, things fell back into the previous immoralities but did not change any part of the Holy Law of the Heavens or the Earth despite the presence of Cherubim - warning against such conduct.
      Seraphim are, in the Holy Presence of The Great Veil, SIX WINGED entities.  Their normal appearance is a somewhat modified humanoid, tremendously strong, with exaggerated features of heavy muscles.  The have various forehead, eye, nose, mouth, chin and jaw configurations; sometimes with and sometimes without ears, that may be a variety in number, location and shape; again, adapted to their specific job/duty.  The most earthly known Seraphim are Seraphim Amatraelonael (AM-AT-RA-EL-ONA-EL, Metatron); Seraphim Seraphiel (SER-AF-E-EL); Seraphim Jehoel (YE-HO-EL); Seraphim Kemuel (KEM-U-EL); Seraphim Nethanael (NE-THAN-A-EL); Seraphim Ophaniel (OFF-AN-E-EL) and Seraphim Zophiel (ZOF-E-EL), who were in Presence and Witnessed at the Anointing of Bobby Farrell on June 27th, 1962, as Holy Witness (Messiah) of THIS Generation of Fire.
      Cherubim are independents, and choose which form they will appear as; not always to the viewer's liking.  Cherubim are depicted throughout the Middle East as human-headed lions, the Sphinx of Egypt being the most famous example, although some are depicted with wings.  Sphinxes were also known in Greece, but usually with a female head on a winged lion's body, and not necessarily representing Cherubim.  Do not confuse Cherubim with Griffins as such, although many Cherubim have taken on the various forms of Griffins from time to time as matters of convenience.
      Archangels usually appear as FOUR WINGED entities, particularly when on station in The Holy Presence.  We normally consider them as Divine Warriors due to the earthly experience with them, but they cover the entire gamut of assignments and expertise.  The most earthly known Archangels are Archangel Raphael (RAF-A-EL), Archangel Michael (MI-KAL), Archangel Gabriel (GAB-RA-EL), Archangel Uriel (UR-E-EL), Archangel Remiel (RE-MI-EL), Archangel Raguel (RA-U-EL), and Archangel Zerachiel (ZER-AK-E-EL), all of whom were also present at the Anointing of Bobby Farrell on June 27th, 1962.
      Angels are those with TWO WINGS, and are those who carry out the day-to-day duties as called upon to do.  There are Angels virtually everywhere, the Angel of Earth, Angel of the Sun, Angel of the Moon, Angel of Night, Angel of Day, Angel of Life (there are scads of those), Angel of Death (and scads of those too), Angel of Spirits also known as Angel of Souls, and the list is virtually endless.  If there is a something living or dead, animate or inanimate, place, process or specific happening, there is an Angel under whose charge it falls.  That's right, Angel of Trees, Angel of the Seas, Angel of the Rivers (all of them), if it exists - or ought to - there is an Angel in Charge of it and each has a full compliment of support.
      Masters, usually called Ascended Masters, even though most have never had a physical incarnation anywhere in Creation.  The are lowest level of great intelligence, and have a lot to offer those they teach.  However, they are NOT the final word on anything.  The are still in the mindset of bias, and thus do not have all the information that is available.  By earth standards they are extremely intelligent and wise, which really doesn't take a hell of a lot of doing.
      Spirits are just that, spirits.  Some are drifting through Creation and learning everything they can as they go.  Others are intent on securing physical incarnation, and not always to learn from the experience, but for purposes of power and authority while it lasts.  Virtually all are under the delusion they are Eternal and/or above Judgment; thus virtually all have a great deal more to learn - usually the hard way.
      Souls are incarnatable under the Righteous conditions, and the status of having a soul can be earned by all incarnates who happen to be bi-racial or descendants of bi-racials that can be soulless for generation after generation.  Do not confuse the Soul with the Spirit or Ghost, they are two entirely different things and can exist as one or separately.  The Spirit has a consciousness and is the center of the Innate, but the Soul also has its own consciousness and is the spiritual essence (body) that is responsible for itself.  However, a consciousness may exist with or without a Spirit or a Soul.  The separations are not as distant from each other when it comes to the essence level (frequency, vibration) and all three exist primarily in the Lower Planes of the Heavens.
      Elementals are those usually depicted as Leprechauns, Elves, Setyrs, Satyrs and such entities of the night.  However, they often act as living spirits of plants, grass, flowers, weeds, trees, fish, birds, insects and such wildlife.  They are one of the reasons The Most High proclaimed, ""I made all things, and I made it good!""  To grow, to learn, and best of all, to enjoy.  Mythology be damned, paranormal claims be damned, Elementals exist and for very real and vital purposes in the Grand Promise of The Most High.

      Having read though this article once, you now have more Angelic and Spiritual Knowledge and understanding than has been taught by all the religions and in all the churches since Immanuel combined.  A good point to end with is the CORRECT Name of the Savior Messiah, whom the hallelujah halfwits and other uninformed call "Jesus".  His name in that Reign was - and still is - Immanuel ("God with/among us," His title), Joshua, son of Joseph (YOU-HOSH-YOU-WAH ben YOU-SEPH).  Immanuel, Joshua son of Joseph.  The letter "J" didn't even exist until 1349 AD, and a cursory trace attempt will lead you back to the name of "ZEUS" the vilest and most immoral of all the Pantheon of Ancient Gods.  FYI, Lord Immanuel is also the First Horseman of the Apocalypse, showing how much the preachers and other liars really know.

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